• Norma comes with Demo Installation Profile, Its a complete package having all the required files in it, just upload the folders from New Drupal Installation to the root directory of your drupal that located on your webhost or localhost and browse it through the browser.
  • Also you need to create the database for your website.
  • Follow the steps that you need while installing Drupal. During choosing profile, select the Demonstration site as an installation profile.

  • Once you have successfully installed the Norma Theme, browse to your website address (as you installed.)
  • The default admin access for your site will be as username/password - admin/admin.

    Important! Please change your email and password from admin to your desired password immediately for security purpose
  • From the top menu select Configuration - File system and press Save configuration. This step is update access rules to the public and private folders on your site.
  • The final step in the installation is updating the database tables. In your browser address bar type (replace with your domain name) and follow the instructions.
  • If you face any problem related the theme let us know and we will be always there to help you.

Norma Installation on some existing website

To install Norma on existing website, just follow these steps:

Important! ALWAYS backup your database and theme before performing any modifications
  • Firstly please upload all the folders available in the /Existing Drupal Installation to /sites/all/ respectively using ftp.
  • From the top menu select Modules, find Norma features section and enable all features in this section. Some of these features depends from the other modules, all of them you can find in sites/all/modules or download from Each feature creates a block and needed content types.
  • Now in Appearance, you can enable Norma theme.

Theme settings

After you have installed the theme, you can change its settings Appearance - Theme settings. Here you can switch some elements of the website on/off, as well as change the logo and favicon.

Besides, there are such settings of the website, as Configuration - Site information. On this page ther are three sections of the sett ings are showed.

  • Site details — setup Sitename, Slogan and E-mail address of your site
  • Front page — any page of the website can be assigned as homepage, as well as any number of the posts showed on the page can be set.
  • Error pages — setup error pages links

Blocks settings

You can find all the blocks on the page Structure - Blocks. Here, you can place blocks in different sections and create its own blocks. To configure block click on "Configure" and a simple way to configure the block on your website, mouse hover on each block on the website you will see link to configure that block.


You can find twitter settings on Configuration - Twitter. Here you can see three tabs:

  • Settings — It is strongly recommended that you change values in OAuth Consumer key and OAuth Consumer secret on yours. You can find detailed instructions how to do this on drupal site.
  • Twitter — Manage twitter accounts.
  • Post — Choose which node types should support posting to Twitter.


On the screen bellow you can see the page with flickr settings (Configuration - Flickr).

To change Flickr API keys, you need to generate it on the flickr site.
Also on this page you can define Default Flickr User Id, Update interval and Number of photos per photoset.

Flickr block page also has a few settings with explanations:

Manage content

From top navigation click on Content and you will see all content presented on the site. On this page you can manage all content on the site and also add new. To add new post, just click on Add content link at the top of the page.

The template provides several content types for different types of tasks. To create a post of any content type, From top navigation click on Content -> Add content and select what type of content you want to use to create a post.


To change location marker on the map, select "Content" from the top menu and find "Our location" node (you can use search filter for a quicker searching). In this node you will see the form where you can type your address. Then if you click on "Geocode this address" location marker show this address on the map. If you leave the address empty you can Geocode by moving the marker on the map.

If you want to change content under the map a simple way is mouse hover on the content and you will see the link to configure that block:

By clicking on the link, you will see the page with panes where you can manage content:

Manage slider

The slider in Norma theme is created using the custom content type "Slider" and Flexslider module. Each slide is a Node with Slider content type.

Edit slider
  • From the top menu select "Content"
  • We recommend you to use the search filter to locate the slides faster. Select type "Slider" and click the "Filter" button.
  • In the popup list click "edit" link to edit the slide or "delete" to remove it
  • The slide can be modified like any other node. You can change the image, title etc
Add new slide
  • Click "Add Content" link at the top of the Content page
  • From the popup list select "Slider"
  • Input title, content and the slider image
Slider settings

Fine tuning slider is on Configuration - Flexslider, where you can find Flexslider presets. To change settings, click to Edit link in Slider row. There are many various settings like Animation, Effects, Sliding speed etc.

Sources and Credits

Arial (standard)
Helvetica (standard)
Georgia (standard)
Ubuntu (non standard)

All non standard fonts are from Google Web Fonts

We have used the pictures from:

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners and not available for download with this theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There is no Demonstration profile on the first step of installation.
A. Please check the profiles folder in the root of your drupal. It must contain demo_profile folder. If not, copy it from sources.

Q. During restoring the snapshot I have "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in script".
A. Make following changes in your php.ini file: max_execution_time = 0. Or contact with your hosting support.

Q. On the Choosing snapshot page I have warnings "Warning: date() []".
A. You can ignore these warnings because they do not affect the website. Otherwise uncomment and edit this line in your php.ini file: date.timezone = "Europe/Helsinki". You can find valid time zone strings at

Q. Somethings goes wrong, I want to reset all modifications. Do I need to reinstall the theme?
A. Actually no, you can always back to the default Norma settings. Just go to Structure - Snapshots, click on Reset tab, then choose Norma snapshot and click on Reset button.
Note: This method DO NOT applied for modifications in code.

Q. After installation complete I have an Warnings like "Warning: file_put_contents(temporary://fileYabvs) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream"
A. It's mean that your site can't write temporary files for correct work. Simplest way to fix it is select Configuration - File system from top menu and press Save configuration. It's update access rules to the public and private folders on your site.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. We'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but we'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.